Our Mission

AHIO’s mission is to provide support for people of all nations, provide immigration services, prevent violence, and promote justice for victims, their families and our communities.


Some words about us

Since 2004, AHIO has provided support and advocacy for immigrants as well as for victims of crime and abuse for people of all nations. Today, we are recognized leaders in providing immigration services and support, we are also the service agency for victims’ of crimes in the United States. We are recognized leaders in responding to the changing needs of our clients, and we are sought out as experts on issues of Immigration, Violence and victimization across the country. Our dedicated staff responds to over 100,000 children, adults, and families each year, and our supporters help us provide comprehensive services that help our clients overcome crisis and restore their lives. AHIO is at the forefront of the justice system and woven into the fabric of our communities.


Why we are different

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Our Staff

One by one, our dedicated staff helped many immigrants’ workers, students and families each year find hope by offering services to those who qualify. We also provide advice and guide our client through the Immigration processes with the help of our Immigration Attorneys and refer them to other nonprofit or low cost organizations.

What we do

Immigration Legal Assistance

Asylum and Refugee Status Information please read bellow.Generally, a refugee is a person who has fled his/her country because of fear of persecution.

Child Abuse Assistance

Child abuse, or child maltreatment, is an act by a parent or caretaker that results in or allows the child to be subjected to death, physical injury…

Legal Assistance & Attorneys

We have a diverse program plan that will help you better understand your role in the family and criminal court system, how we can help you and…

Rape and Sexual Assult Assistance

Rape is a crime of violence, not passion. It is an experience that may leave you haunted by nightmares and flashbacks…

Domestic Violence & Abuse

With Collaborating with the local and national criminal justice system, AHIO offers innovative programs that provide affected individuals and families with support…

Anti-Trafficking Assistance

Human trafficking, also described as modern-day slavery or involuntary servitude, affects an estimated 700,000 to 2 million people around the globe every year.

Get Help for immigration

If you have an Immigration matter or your family member is being detained by ICE and would like to speak with a Immigration lawyer, simply call us to schedule an appointment.

Get Involved

The extraordinary generosity support of our communities and corporations, foundations, and individual contributors allow AHIO to provide assistance to many of our clients…

We are proud to work with

US department of homeland security
US department of justice
US department of labor
US department of human services